You are not currently prepared for what is essentially asymmetrical communications warfare. You cannot “both sides” this ongoing confrontation, either in our culture or in our government, without distorting the facts. If you do, that constitutes a textbook false equivalence.

Facts do matter when your First Amendment mission is to offer the nation’s public actual information as a matter of public service.

You need to send some of your vaunted experts into your information repositories to understand how the babbling distortions and open threats and cascade of bumbling incompetence and ignorance ALL COMING FROM ONE “SIDE” OF THIS BAD FAITH CON are deliberately designed to confuse an entire nation both into misunderstanding hostage-taking tactics and into putting so much effort into understanding the truth that it wears them out and they therefore tune everything out.

You need to do that for a lot of reasons, but a really big reason is that such distortions and fountains of misinformation are FSB-designed psy ops tactics and you have to ask yourselves *where* the parties who are actively engaged in such monstrously egregious misuse of the platforms you give them would have learned that as well as *why* they continue to pursue it as a strategy.


I just heard a correspondent characterize 45 saying “Nancy Pelosi has canceled the State of the Union” and “The President has not been invited to offer the SOTU on the House Floor before the government reopens” as an “either / or” pair of statements. These two statements are not. the. same.



As RAND advises, “Don’t expect to counter the firehose of falsehood with the squirt gun of truth.” Instead of responding directly to propaganda messages and disinformation, analysts recommend exposing the method behind the madness. “Highlight the ways propagandists attempt to manipulate audiences, rather than fighting the specific manipulations.”

Adopting new and vibrant strategies for countering Trump’s undying commitment to disinformation will not only help the press fulfill its duty to the public, but could benefit the profession as well. The effectiveness of state-sanctioned propaganda is fueled in part by its ability to erode the credibility of the press, toward which Trump has proven to be quite adept. But if the media is willing to adopt new models of coverage to combat the onslaught of disinformation, the firehose will eventually run dry— and perhaps most importantly, trust in the media will ultimately be restored.


There is such a thing as malfeasance – both by the bad faith parties, and by you. You cannot continue to offer to someone, who has repeatedly demonstrated their pronounced propensity for prevarication and deliberately damaging distortions for OVER FORTY YEARS, the vaunted benefit of the doubt just because they happen to be male and white and you fear that that will upset the power advantage of that dominant class as they pass from the majority to the minority population (whether or not you are consciously aware as an institution that you are doing that).