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Open (and Brief) Letter to Mainstream Media: Now You Have Video. No More Excuses for How You Cover This White House and Its Enablers

This is going to be relayed with comparatively few words from me at least in the OP, because I’m not far from that old “simmering with rage” point after reading about this morning’s legacy media denialism episode


and that has an observed resultant tendency to adversely affect this brain’s ability to wield vocabulary with the requisite precision to effectively convey meaning.


Here is what mainstream media need to do now.

(If anyone is in doubt or inclined to perceive these written suggestions as incomplete or ambiguous: This is where you take the requisite less than ten minutes - as members of a Constitutionally protected profession, with the attendant duty to report truth and facts in the public interest — to watch the videos and read the embedded article.)


New Yorker Author and @ColumbiaJourn Professor Jelani Cobb on Verifiable Facts and What To Do When Authority Figures Lie

Please do not let the lack of interjectory tone detract either from the urgency of the situation or the related necessity to apply the described methods immediately.


Today would be good. Yesterday would be better.

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