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On the Move

Hello, my fine friends. The powers that be picked an auspicious moment to decide to dismantle our home because I definitely definitely have time to deal with it right now. Definitely.

As it stands, our contingency plan remains in place. We will have a temporary decampment to a spot on Reddit and determine from there whether that works for us or whether there is a more suitable location somewhere else.


The details of the name and URL are coming later today when Snax gets that sorted. We will post a link.

I realize some people will howl at the thought of Reddit. It’s inevitable that some people will protest no matter what choice is made. Keep in mind this is potentially a stopgap measure should something better come up. Furthermore, it takes time to get used to any platform, so please just be patient until we can work out what the best permanent option will be.

Should you need to reach me or Snax we can be found on Twitter. I’m not on it daily but I can be reach by DM there.

ETA: Hopefully this works. Here is the link.

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