Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may be reading about some of the sexist BS I run into as I try to start this farm. I chose farming because I'm an introvert and animals are like 1000% better than people, but apparently starting a farm means working with a hundred different vendors who all hate calling you back or doing shit on time.

Anyways, one of the things I have to do is choose who to sell my milk to. The biggest buyer in the US has been trying to woo me hard. I know several of their influential people pretty well. I didn't really want to join because they are so big, and also because an ex-boyfriend of mine is super influential with them and so is his dad. (His dad helped found the company). I don't really fancy having to chat with him every time I go to a meeting or something.

So their regional representative has talked to me several times and he is just a weird guy. I don't get a good vibe from him. The last time, he stopped by my house unannounced and was all hurt fee-fees when I didn't recognize him immediately. In our conversation he managed to not only say that as a woman I would "feel sick sometimes" so I wouldn't want to milk very many cows, but also that I should "just farm as a hobby" since my husband has a good job. Yep, that sealed the deal. Gonna work with any company but this one. Of course like a good girl I just nodded and smiled and when he left I rage-tweeted a bit.

Ex-boyfriend facebook messaged me yesterday pushing me to join the company. After much deliberation, I decide to tell him what the rep said. Ex-boyfriend has known me since we were kids, and he knows you don't pull sexist BS on me. I'm pretty sure he won't pull the "you're overreacting" card or anything like that.

Remember, his dad founded the fucking company. So ummm, he said he and/or his dad are going to call and chew this guy a new asshole for saying such stupid shit. Ummmmmmm now I'm nervous. What's going to happen? Is this guy going to come sniffing round my door again making awkward apologies? Am I going to be even MORE obligated to join now? I'm going to have to work with this rep and Ex-boyfriend all the time then.

I mean, I want this guy to be punished for being a sexist douche, but being so directly responsible is really intimidating. Has anyone else ever been in this situation? Have you ever gotten someone in trouble for being a sexist douche? HALP ME

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