Getting the best of you.

Oh OKC, never change.

I got a message hitting on me by starting off with"I used to by a PSW!" In case you don't know a PSW is a personal support worker. They help the elderly (and to a lesser extent, the disabled, who if needed use a variation of that called a DSW instead) with personal care or daily tasks

Maybe I should give him a list of chores I need done:

-Do my laundry

-Scrub my floor

-Clean my microwave. I could do that alone but since I hate it, why not?

-Get my hair out of the drain. It's extremely long and thick, yippee!

-Vacuum my floor. This is actually the least favourite thing I ask my DSWs to do. They hate it. Especially since I tend to drop a lot of stuff in my bedroom and then I accidentally grind it into the carpet. *Shrug* Have fun! Put your back into it


-Help me organize my desk. This one is fun. He can get it all nice and neat and then in two weeks it'll be covered with lipsticks, makeup brushes, piles of homework and probably coffee stains if I'm honest with myself


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