As for the upcoming summit with North Korea, with just four weeks to go, Trump’s position is alarmingly uncertain. The official line, until recently, was that Kim must agree to the “complete, verifiable, irreversible dismantlement” of his nuclear arsenal and infrastructure. However, in recent days, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has suggested that it might be sufficient for Kim to get rid of merely his long-range nuclear-armed missiles. In other words, Kim can keep his nukes, as long as he can’t fire them at the United States.

On Fox News this past Sunday, Pompeo said, “America’s interest here is preventing the risk that North Korea will launch a nuclear weapon into L.A. or Denver, or into the very place we’re sitting here this morning. … That’s our objective, that’s the end state the president has laid out.” (Italics added.)

Trump, with so little time left, hasn’t decided on a position.

Pompeo said nothing about the short- and medium-range nuclear missiles that threaten South Korea and Japan—an omission that plays into our regional allies’ greatest fear and North Korea’s most fantastic ambition. These allies fear that the United States will abandon them for the sake of a deal that protects its own narrow security. The Kim dynasty’s ambition—dating back to the diplomatic gambits of the current leader’s father, Kim Jong-il, and grandfather, Kim Il-sung—is to sever the security links between Washington and Seoul (possibly Washington and Tokyo), in order to dominate the Korean peninsula or at least to prevent Kim’s enemies from dominating him.

President Obama was given the Nobel Prize for Peace and, therefore, Spanky deserves one, too. ‘”Everyone is saying I should get the Nobel Prize,”’ said Spanky. Nigel Farage and the Congressional GOP have both nominated him. Kim isn’t stoopid. Anyone watching can see that Spanky throws a tantrum, screws up everything, then shows his hand to the table and lets everyone know how badly he wants the deal. If you have something he wants/needs he will roll over and beg. He cannot get a beter deal with Iran if he can get a deal at all. He cannot convince anyone to trust him if he reneges on deals like he just did with Iran. He is desperate for some legislative and foreign policy wins. I’m afraid he will sell us/our allies out and /or start a war if he meets with Kim. I really hope this doesn’t come off.