Next Friday the new Nine Inch Nails EP drops. Not The Actual Events is the name of the release and it can be had in three formats, vinyl, “physical object”, and digital download (which comes with all three formats).

In addition to this, there is The Fragile: Deviations which is a one time release, vinyl only ($80!!!), which is made up of 4 records which have alternate takes, instrumentals, and outtakes from The Fragile sessions.

Also, NIN plans on re-releasing “standard editions” of all of their records on vinyl, starting with The Downward Spiral, Broken (complete with 7" for the two bonus tracks), and The Fragile. These releases have been remastered for vinyl (which makes me curious about The Fragile as it was previously mastered for vinyl).

In any case, I jumped on this and ordered for myself, from my wife, my wife thoughtfully may have ordered some of these items for me as a surprise (!!!!).

Also of interest, they re-released the Capital G shirt below as the “SUDDENLY VERY APPROPRIATE TSHIRT”

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