I might have mentioned this before - and SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t seen the Season Six finale of Elementary - but I have a little twitch about how television shows place the residence of a certain consulting detective. Quick recap, when Conan Doyle wrote his original stories there wasn’t a 221B Baker Street. A little while later there were buildings added to that end of the road. Sherlock’s home fell within the confines of the Abbey National Building Society headquarters. Pretty much all films or tv shows manage to ignore that Holmes is just across the road from Baker Street Station, a point of intersection for several lines on the London Underground rail system.

This tradition is held up in Elementary as Sherlock and Joan make a return to London at the end of the most recent episode. Sherlock is back in 221B Baker Street and Joan is living next door. As it happens, Baker Street has appeared in a previous episode of Elementary. Sherlock was peeved to find his father had gifted it to Mycroft while he had been in New York. In that episode they filmed around a former Victorian pub in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch. Note the green door in the picture above.

Somehow the green door has activated a Doctor Who-style chameleon circuit .    place and transformed into a Regency-style town house. The rough East End gets the shaft in favour of a swanky Bloomsbury Square location. It’s closer to the tube but none of them are on the Bakerloo line.


Perhaps Johnny Lee Miller has borrowed a Bleecker Street Sanctuary portal from his fellow Frankenstein Benedict Cumberbatch?