Every now and then, I have these moments where I'm doing something or something happens and I think to myself, "Fifteen year old me would think this was so awesome". Like in the dreams of a 15 year old, this is exactly what she thought being an adult would be like or what she very much hoped it would be like, and here I am fulfilling it.

They're usually not big things, and there are so very many other things that fifteen year old me would be a little "Ehhhhhh" at, but when they happen they're lovely.

Last week I found a Calvin Klein mini skirt for a dollar at the thrift store, and yesterday I wore it, and all I could think was "Damn - she would be so impressed". It seems so little, but I was a really poor kid who had awful clothes in the mid 90s, and a Calvin Klein (designer!) mini skirt would have been like the epitome of cool and the opposite of me. I was also a fat kid and was made to feel awful about it, and I bought the skirt in a size at 31 that I would never have dreamed possible I'd ever fit into.

It's just a skirt (and I still bought it resale) but for just a second, it was like I was this person that always seemed completely out of my reach, and damn it, that gives me a super warm feeling inside.

So what about you, backtalkers? What do you have going on that would make your younger self happy? We always talk so much about how our younger selves would judge us for what we do and not being rockstars or whatever, but there are totally ways in which we've done things that really fulfill what our younger selves dreamed of.


P.S. I also get this feeling whenever I eat candy for breakfast or ice cream for dinner. I just want to find the nearest kid and be like "HA! I can totally do this because I'm an adult and you can't! It's just like you think!"