Getting the best of you.

Today is Victoria Day in Canada, in which we celebrate either the start of cottage season, the reign of Queen Victoria, or just the long weekend, respectively.

Of course now that T’other is a retail worker it means just another workday in my home. I got him up early enough to watch some English soccer I recorded for him so he has a relaxing start to his day. I spent yesterday reading some quick eBooks I gave myself, and making crockpot country-cut ribs in a sauce I learned to make in Barbados from a recipe my Trinidadian neighbour of East Indian descent learned from his mumma. I felt très cosmopolitan.


Today will be the first warm-to-hot day of the season, and I am putting together a corn and marinated smokies salad for dinner.

Can you all tell how HARD I am working to avoid the world right now? 🤡

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