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Getting the best of you.

Monday Evening Open Thread

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We’ve been under a dome of heat here: yesterday approached 40C with the humidex. Some rain this morning and pending rain tonight are going to melt the dome down to more tolerable conditions.


mrsfinch went to an actual store today: a store that was not a grocery store, a pharmacy, or a liquor store. I got a new shower curtain and a few other niceties for Casa Finch. Shopping was achieved while fully masked and after being squirted with sanitizer upon entering the store. Really it wasn’t that different from ordinary shopping. I am okay with this particular new normal. Had dinner with Ma Finch and we tried a new wine someone had brought her, a merlot drawn from - of all places - Wayne Gretzky Estates. I am that rare thing, a Gretzky detractor, but I have to say, his minions have produced a fine merlot.

How is your new normal progressing?

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