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Getting the best of you.

Monday Evening Open Thread

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So I am house-sitting for my BFF, and one of the things I have noticed is how spare and efficient is her style. Her bedside table has exactly six things on it: a lamp; a photograph; a childhood toy; a container of lip balm; a bottle of Aveeno; and a tiny alarm clock. Her bf’s bedside table has a lamp and three books. My bedside table at home, in comparison, is like the Olde Curiosity Shoppe. From memory I can list the following items: one CPAP machine; a Himalayan salt lamp; a large alarm clock; a piece of selenite, purported to aid in sleep and good dreams; a worry stone; two different kinds of lip balm; a box of safety pins; a nail file; a tube of Voltaren; a bottle of anti-inflammatory medication; a bottle of muscle relaxants; Kleenex; a copy of Cold Comfort Farm; and my phone. And that’s not even getting into what’s inside the bedside table, which is more junk and more meds.


What’s on your bedside table? Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

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