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Getting the best of you.
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Milton Friedman Reviews a Book... From the Grave

This was too funny not too share. It's for a "medical Fountainhead" thriller. And apparently Friedman reviewed it even though he died six years before it's self-publication.


The defects of government-controlled medicine are dramatized effectively in this page-turning story of the love of a brilliant physician for a beautiful ballerina who becomes his patient.

—-MILTON FRIEDMAN, Nobel laureate economist

Anyway, it's on sale.…


Updated: So it turns out the hardcover version of this book came in 205 from some bizarre little political imprint. Just think, one of Friedman's last acts for posterity was reviewing this book.

Even Better: You guys! This book has a trailer! A wonderfully shitty clip-art trailer that ends with the question fiction.... or fact?

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