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Getting the best of you.

Mid-century Farm Questions

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Ok guys, I’m working on interviewing my getting-old aunts and uncles about what life was like growing up on a farm from the ‘40s-’60s. My mom grew up in a huge family and I’m fascinated with what life was like (as a suburban child of the ‘80s) for super-rural kids. I had thought up some questions that I could use to jog my aunts/uncles memories during the interview, but foolishly didn’t write them all down, and forgot most of them (thanks, brain!) Any suggestions of questions i might want to ask? I’m structuring the “interview” as me basically just listening and recording what they have to say, and then transcribing later. I’d like to do this in a few weeks when we have a family event.


So...any questions you can think of?

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