Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

Menu Planning Assistance Request

In about ten days, T’other and I will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our first date. Two things make this significant: we were friends before we were dating, so to even know the transition date is cool, and; T’other is the one who remembered it from the start.

I want to make a special meal. On a tight budget. In the heat. Eating only food T’other will eat. I might recreate our first date meal, a lemon-lamb curry. Or I might do something different? What is more romantic?


Today I turned the heel of sourdough bread into crumbs. I am thinking of making chicken schnitzel with sourdough crumbs. I would need a fancy vegetable and a fancy carb that I can make in advance, so that I’m not whirling round the kitchen like a dervish. I make a wonderful rice and corn salad flavoured with lemon, garlic and cumin. I’m thinking of simple green beans. But I am open to ideas.

T’other will not eat asparagus. I do not want to use my oven.

READY? GO . . .

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