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Meanwhile, In Canada: Ivy League Aspirant Takes Waspy-Faced Racist Leaf From Book of Orange White House, May Get Self Deported




Though undoubtedly international study is an opportunity to learn from our fellow humans and osmotically absorb lessons from cultures other than our own, I can’t help but feel as though dude really picked the wrong osmotic and when he returns home will need to repeat Critical (Race) Theory and also Media Literacy. Starting at the 101 levels.

At the same time, I also feel as though this is an optimal moment to sharply curtail the inevitable finger-pointing that tends to rear its LochNess head like a Donald behind a Hillary at moments like this (“that country has the real racists” “No, THAT country has the REAL racists! WE’RE not like that!!1!”) while – oddly enough, go figure – the moments themselves continue to continue, all over the world.


Which developments suggests in turn (*gasp*) that this whole “racism” thing is a Global Problem and if we’re going to progress as a human culture and value the contributions of everyone willing to move us forward instead of annihilating ourselves out of some misplaced desire for assumed superiority in the face of lesser efforts because we’re really really insecure but want to receive an outsize share of the world’s fruits even though somebody else is better at our gig than we are and we’re more interested in destroying their chances (sucker punch, dude, really? really?? I could’ve sworn somebody told me the whole point of Ivy League School is to learn to Use One’s Words and Develop Other Tools) than we are at improving our own abilities at contributing to the betterment of the world for everyone’s benefit.


Since with the Repeated Rampages of the Rogue Orange White House I personally have been literally besieged with borderline-aggressive interrogations of the “Well, what can *I* do??” variety coupled with multiple protestations of the “I’m just one person; I can’t do anything” iteration, so in my latest bout of pit-bottom exasperation mixed with a protracted desire to take people at their word and assume they did actually want to “do something” and didn’t know how - as opposed to what I must from time to time admit is the plausibly-supported-by-piles-of-probative-observed-evidence suspicion of much more cynical compatriots that those folks are much more fraught about their perceived reputations (being “called racist”, wanting to look like they’re doing something) than they are about justice (actually doing something about the given racist phenomenon occurring (or re-occurring) right in front of their faces — I took the liberty of compiling a list of introductory articles that could in compilation be titled “What You Can Actually Do”


only to then be utterly bigfooted by a flabbergastingly comprehensive list the SPLC had already compiled



· Responding to Everyday Bigotry

· What Can I Do Among Family?

· What Can I Do About Sibling Slurs?

· What Can I Do About Joking In-Laws?

· What Can I Do About Impressionable Children?

· What Can I Do About Parental Attitudes?

· What Can I Do About Stubborn Relatives?

· What can I do about my own bias?

· What Can I Do Among Friends And Neighbors?

· What Can I Do About Sour Social Events?

· What Can I Do About Casual Comments?

· What Can I Do About Offended Guests?

· What Can I Do About Real Estate Racism?

· What Can I Do About Unwanted Email?

· What Can I Do About My Own Bias?

· What Can I Do At Work?

· What Can I Do About Casual Comments

· What Can I Do About Workplace Humor?

· What Can I Do About Sexist Remarks?

· What Can I Do About Meeting Missteps?

· What Can I Do About Boss Bias?

· What Can I Do About My Own Bias?

· What Can I Do At School?

· What Can I Do About Negative Remarks?

· What Can I Do About Familial Exclusion?

· What Can I Do About Biased Bullying?

· What Can I Do About In-Group Bigotry

· What Can I Do about A Teacher’s Bias?

· What Can I Do In Public?

· What Can I Do About Biased Customer Service?

· What Can I Do About Bigoted Corporate Policy?

· What Can I Do About A Stranger’s Remarks?

· What Can I Do About Retail Racism?

· What Can I Do About Racial Profiling?

· What Can I Do About My Own Bias?

· Six Steps to Speaking Up Against Everyday Bigotry

The only thing more I can say as I consume my slice of Humility with My Own Meager Research Pie on the matter, having seen that, is that anybody else then flailing at the elbow with “I don’t know what to do” or “I don’t know where to look” or “I don’t have any good suggestions” is, at this point, out of excuses.


I think if we look honestly at the failing and flailing and ineptitude and corruption that has been exposed at the highest levels not only of our current U.S. government, but of countless other governments on multiple continents where a white minority flails and imprisons without due process and proceeds to extremes to hold onto power at any cost – despite the repeated rightwing white and white-appearing mass murders whom the Armed Forces and the FBI completely fail to preventatively identify because they’re preoccupied to the point of obsession with so-called “black extremists” whom Congressional Committees have established don’t even exist – where those currently in power *refuse to take action against a documentably hostile national adversary* because they were voted into power by those hostile angry U.S. citizens who literally preferred incompetents with questionable national loyalties in charge of the government instead of competent patriots of any other color as long as those incompetents were white men - we see the necessity of finally taking racism and bigotry seriously as a matter of national security.


Even if we skipped all our history classes in favor of modern habits of BingeTV and have no awareness of how this went the last hundred times in human history such atrocities were tried (and failed miserably) - even in all the fictive universes, these things never end well.




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