Well, it’s about time I give in.

You see, I lost a few lbs over the last 6 months. All of my pants became huge and baggy. I broke down and bought a new, smaller pair for work.

Now, this sounds great, but I don’t like the thought getting new clothes. It’s a hassle finding anything that fits right, said every person ever, and me, too.

But, I was kind of okay with that.

Bare with my rant a few more moments while I get to the point.

My friend recently brought me my new tshirt from Sub Pop Records from when he was in Seattle. I asked him to pick me up one. Then, he told me he was going to get one for himself. This is all cool with me.


However, I should have got a size bigger than I asked for.

Hence, I now need to get down to a size where that shirt fits. No, I don’t care too much about my actual weight. I just want that tshirt on me by the time our fantasy football draft happens. Last year I debuted my XFL Demons jersey at our draft, along with matching shorts. This year I’m going for some 90's Hurley shorts that are just a smidge tight and total cargo style just to be that guy.

So, I had my final hurrah meal with 2 cheeseburgers, a large fry and Coke at lunch today. I’m ready for whatever lies ahead, be it oven fries, Fiber One bars, or raisins in their natural state (which is not in baked goods as consumed in the Whitehouse currently).


So, if you notice me being a bit more obtuse than normal, know that I am starving to impress my friends, who really don’t care what I wear anyway, as food, booze, and football are the only things on their minds.

And, yes, oven fries are not real fries, so that counts as a diet food.