Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

For many years I have hated November because it ushered in my slide down a deep, black hole. I have slept and cried through years of Midwest winters. For a long time I thought it was just school stress, or work stress, or relationship stress. One therapist said it was situational depression (which is a legitimate possibility) and ordered me up some medication. That helped! However, it did not stop the inevitable free fall that starts right around the end of Daylight Savings Time. After consultation with my most recent therapist, I have been unofficially diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

My next step is to find a light box. The therapist I was seeing is now in a different practice and town, so I don’t have her expertise in buying one. I have been looking online and am overwhelmed with possibilities. Does anyone have a light box? If so, what do you recommend? Where should I shop? My parents said they would buy it as my Christmas present, but I still want to be mindful of price.


Thanks for your help, Balkers! I am hoping to really LIVE during the winter rather than just merely exist.

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