Cute Boyfriend and I are still going out and things are going swimmingly.

I've cried in front of him like four times now and he hasn't said anything rude about it yet, which I think may be a new record, considering my other boyfriends would usually cave by the second time I burst into tears around them.

He is very very sweet and nice and perfect and likes to cuddle and doesn't smoke or drink and is a picky eater like me and likes the same tv shows I like and doesn't think i'm fat and doesn't judge me for being hesitant with him because my exes were lying assholes. instead of being rude about it like my other exes (first was the one that fucked everything up, second got offended that I didn't trust him completely because of the first, and the third got annoyed real quick because he did some suspicious things and was good at leaving out bits of his stories of what he did the week before and I didn't appreciate that), he just sits there and listens to me cry and say 'I dated a bunch of assholes' and will just say 'yeah, you did. I won't do that though.'

and while I believed every single one of them that said 'I won't do that' and then turned around and did the very thing they said they would never do, I believe Cute Boyfriend.

He's different. I don't have to watch what I say around him, i don't have to lie to my friends and say 'he may be rude to everyone else, but he acts differently around me.' he's very polite to everyone. and we're both very very shy but are super open with each other and make each other laugh and oh my god i just like him so much.


and he's smart. but not like 'i'm better than you' smart, he is just full of knowledge and likes things that make him think.

he is perfect, oh my god.

I am very happy.

but most of all, I can finally put titles on my posts, which must be a gift from the kinja gods above.