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Let's Open a Fake Fake Abortion Clinic

This is just some simple class jamming to fuck with people trying to steal the right to bodily autonomy from half of the population. I'm sure you've read about fake abortion clinics. They're the "pregnancy crisis centers" that use your tax dollars to help steal your rights; I want us to steal their money.


They look and sound and feel like a place where you can exercise all of your rights, but they're working to take them from you. Sometimes they just try to convince you that you don't want an abortion. Sometimes they sign you up for appointments that don't actually include an abortion, but they lead you to believe that. Then, when you show up: surprise! No abortion, and you've waited too long, and it's now illegal for you to abort. Jesus won, you guys! He won by lying!

Neat. Surprise for you then, clinics! Let's make it hard for you to exist. The idea is simple. Let's start up pregnancy crisis centers that compete for the same money (via conservative crowd funding and maybe some sweet government grants) and totally recommend women to places and doctors that can help them —but also, say— give out free birth control. Maybe we end up just giving out free fuck aids; maybe we strike fear in the sanctity of their methods of funding and make it harder for them to organize. Either way: fuck them, get rights.

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