Accomplishteers threads happen sometimes when Snacks or I feel like it I guess. And that one time Cheerful asked us for our weekly resolutions. I propose to combine these things with a weekly feature that will run on Sunday evenings PST with the exception of this week, because I forgot even though I have been thinking about it all of last week.

Because making goals is hard unless I write down what I intend to do, I envision a thread on Sunday evenings where we reflect on our accomplishments over the past week and make SMART goals for the next week. We can revisit the same post on Monday and throughout the week, when we just need motivation or a sense of achievement :P

What are SMART goals? The acronym stands for many things but I propose ours be specific (not "work on this project" but "do tasks 1,2, and 3"), measurable (not "work more" but "work for an extra hour each day", or "complete this task"), achievable (if they're impractical, you won't manage them and then this will turn into a depressing exercise rather than a motivational one), relevant (to whatever you're doing) and time-bound (accomplished by next Sunday evening, for us).

Sound good? Willing to take suggestions. Eta: theme song.