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Getting the best of you.
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UPDATED: Repeal still on the table

UPDATE, 4 PM ET: The Senate is now saying they want to vote for “skinny repeal” and NOT have it become law. I can’t post an article because it’s moving so fast. Check out these reporters on Twitter: @kasie, @sarahkliff, @mkraju. Portman (OH) has caved, McCain claiming he’ll vote no, the House members have been asked to stick around. COLLINS IS SILENT. Pressure pressure pressure, everyone! I’m @lemonseinfeld if anyone wants to Twinja today.

Also, MURKOWSKI HAS BEEN THREATENED and she’s fighting back. Thank her!


Morning everybody!

We have till end tomorrow to keep up pressure on the Senate. IF YOU HAVE FAMILY OR FRIENDS IN OHIO OR WEST VIRGINIA, do not leave them alone. Seriously. Harass them on a constant basis to flood the phone lines of the 2 weak links. Heller looks like a lost cause, but maybe harass him too.


Check out Indivisible or text “Resist” to 50409. Even if you have crappy Senators like I do, bother them. We do have a chance of beating “skinny repeal” or at least making them feel bad about doing it!


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