Getting the best of you.

Just in case, BT.

Today I am going to tell you all how much I care, because I think you need to hear it from me.

Friends, we have been coming to this site for a long time. We all grew from different areas of Gawker. I started commenting on Kotaku over a decade ago. From there, I found many nooks and crannies in Kinja, with Backtalk becoming my home, even when I would go a week without posting something.


First, my thanks to you all for having me. I’m a bit egotistic, or at least play that way on Kinja. So, having me on your site, without banning me for being a dick, has made me feel wanted. I’ve been problematic on some things that I went back and deleted - out of shame - at some point. Having you all accept me has truly made me feel special.

There are some of you here that I have a good connection with. At least, it’s a one-sided deep friendship, as good as one can get while being strictly online friends. To those of you, you know who you are, or maybe you don’t because it may be one-sided, I hope to never lose touch with you and to never know your real name. Your username is who I know you as. That is my friend. Your real name could be Bernie Sanders and you would still be Squirrel to me. [insert heart emoji here].

The problem with a post like this is that I don’t want to say names. If I say one person’s name, like Squirrel, then those who are not Squirrel may think that I do not love them, or that I love Squirrel more. Bindi and Kevin have my attention, sure. There are cute animals running around these parts. What can I say? That doesn’t mean you don’t mean as much to me, or even more.

I did put humor into this, in a dry, lousy sort of way. But I’m not joking about how I feel about all of you. I enjoy your company, whether is about the weather, work, friends, family, woe, sorrow, or lab rats. You are good people with kind hearts.


In parting, here is a map showing the number of earthquakes have died down from the peak during the major quakes of the summer.  Any number between 700 to 1100 is pretty normal for California for a one week period.

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