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Journalists arrested in Ferguson

were released because another journalist called the Ferguson chief to ask about it, and the chief had them immediately released.

Per the three journalists Twitter feeds (imbedded):

Wesley Lowery and Ryan J. Reilly were working out of a McDonald's when soldiers — I mean police — entered. Reilly took a photo and the was asked for his ID. Police told everyone to clear out. Lowery said he was slammed against the soda machine and arrested for being confused about which exit to use.


Another reporter saw Reilly being put inside a police truck and rumors immediately began to swell that they'd been arrested. Yet another reporter, Matt Pearce, called the Ferguson police chief and told him what he knew. The chief responded by saying,, "Oh god" in a shocked tone of voice.

Lowery and Reilly were released, post booking but with no paper work and the chief confirmed that he ordered their release, saying that the arresting officers were from St. Louis County and probably "didn't know better".

Lowery also contends he witnessed another man in the police truck being mocked for asking for medical help.

So that's how you get out of jail in Ferguson. At least we know that they're concerned about the press.

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