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Getting the best of you.
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It's Sunday evening! Discuss

I spent most of my weekend outdoors planting stuff in the garden. If everything works out, I’m going to have soem amazing pizza toppings in a month or so, plus mint for mojitos. Alice helped with some digging.

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I also watched some of documentaries at the HotDocs festival that’s been streaming for the last couple weeks. Here’s a little taste of some of them.

This last one was a short about a group of women who have a fish farm in Western Sahara. There was also a doc about the mayor of Ramallah that was very, very good, but I couldn’t find a trailer for it. I don’t know what you know about Ramallah, but I didn’t know anything other than it’s in the West Bank. It’s a christian city, and by law the mayor must be a christian. Musa Hadid, the mayor, is a really interesting man trying to look after his city under unbelievably difficult circumstances.


I also really loved the 8th. It was emotional and uplifting, but mostly I like watch docs about successful social change campaigns. How to Survive a Plague is one of my all-time favourites in the genre. I look at them like school, like how did leaders come forward, how did they organize, what actions did they take?

If you were out on the frontlines of social change this weekend, I hope you stayed safe. How has the weekend gone for you all?

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