I've stumbled upon yet another back yard where Gawker employees hang out.

I think it was cheerful who shared The Cafeteria a couple of weeks ago, and that was pretty cool. But this is Disputations, complete with a constantly looping logo gif reminiscent of two butting heads.

It's full of random snark and even analysis about their competitors over at Buzzfeed.

This post, on the Buzzfeed accidental "reply all" fiasco that occurred last week, didn't include enough standing by the lockers and smirking while the popular cheerleaders and football players walked by, so this one was made to supplement it.


In the first link, Max Read comments, "The most embarrassing thing about this post is that when we post our "look-at-how-clever-we-are" insidery bullshit it tanks. When Buzzfeed posts it it does 3 million PVs."

At first blush, it seems like a legitimate complaint tinged with a tad of jealousy. But then J. K. Trotter responds, in part, and completely unapologetically, with, "But we don't necessarily format our insidery bullshit in a way that's easily consumable and shareable." It's an honest look at their impact and their audience.


I know we've talked about this before, but it's refreshing to be able to glimpse at least part of the thought process behind the work of the authors we read on the daily. Having worked in a daily newspaper environment, I can tell you that being so personally exposed to your readership is unthinkable in that environment.

Those who gather and disseminate news demand transparency from others while trying to conserve some opacity for themselves. So to see professionals working via a platform like Kinja, where there is no door you can close for privacy, is at once exciting and scary.

All of this, of course, leaves aside larger arguments as to whether or not Gawker counts as journalism. (I'm of a mind that it does, even if most of it comes from aggregation).


Anyway, my fellow Backtalkers, I thought you would appreciate this. Have a pleasant evening, y'all!