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Getting the best of you.
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It's Barbara Stanwyck Day

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Now I'm watching Crime of Passion, which unbelievably I've never seen despite having this awesome plot: Kathy Ferguson (Barbara Stanwyck) is a glamorous journalist (lol) who quits her job to play wife to boring, dumb homicide detective Bill Doyle (Sterling Hayden) and her boredom drives her to try to solve crimes and further BILL's career, leading to trouble...Well of course, Kathy! Duh. Der. This film is so 1957, and yet so very 2014....


ETA: Well this was a perfect film noir. Barbara Stanwyck is once again ganged up upon by the Patriarchy. She also makes a serious of spectacularly bad choices that lead her astray and into The Dark Side. All while looking fabulous. And Fay Wray is not just a silent film star, she is lovely and believable as a police honcho's wife. 5 thumbs up.

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