Still talking ‘toons. I was going to rustle up some cartoon cats. Except I got a little distracted along the way. Back on tack, almost. Thinking cats, but I’m starting with a mouse.

One of those things that entertained me in my youth, was a strip called Julius Cheeser (geddit) which ran in DC Thomson’s The Topper from 1957 to 1968. It was mostly drawn by George Martin (not him, or the other one). He was the creator of Bunion, a widely syndicated gag strip, devoid of dialogue, that enjoyed popularity in the UK, Canada, Sweden and other countries.

A gag for every occasion it seems.

Most of the time Julius Cheeser went for a quick snappy gag that had the wily mouse outwitting Tom Cat, a tiger marked feline who suffered every humiliation possible. Tom Cat was very feline in early days.


Some might dismiss the strip as a cheap knock off of Tom and Jerry and, well they both feature a feuding cat and mouse. While that feud drove the gags in most installments, the strip was quite capable of sidling Tom Cat and concentrating on Julius who might find another foe or would be required to work out how he was going to get some grub. Like the mousetrap walnut opener above.


Martin drew a variety of other strips for DC Thomson that featured in The Topper and other titles. They included King Gussie (never got that until I went there), Black Bun, Young Sid, The Copper’s Kid, Greedy Pigg, Captain Bungle, and a personal favourite, the Dick Barton spoof, Send for Kelly.