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Getting the best of you.
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It's a beautiful day in this corner of the Midwest (First Backtalk Post!)

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I was energized enough to go on a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. I'm extra appreciative because who knows how much more nice weather we'll have?


This walk is my first walk in my new town, so I walked around the neighborhood and looked at all the Victorian houses. I found it interesting that it smells so different (I have a sense of smell like a dog! Well, maybe not that impressive, but I notice smells more than other people) than the last town I lived in, which was very suburban. This town smells like NATURE. Probably because it's way more rural. Also, it smells like old houses. Very cool.

Then I sat on our back porch (picture was taken from where I'm currently sitting) and I heard the odd yet distinct call of a catbird. No, not a creature that is half-bird, half-cat— it's a beautiful slate-grey bird with a cat-like call. Very cool.


I'm so grateful that I live in an interesting town that has old houses and strange smells, even if my situation is it ideal, and I'm unemployed, and all that crap. I think this will make a nice home for the next few months until I can find my own place. What are you thankful for?

PS- I'm going to do another edition of SEX TALK today, but I don't have a topic. Any suggestions?

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