This is so off topic but I need to vent.

With ACA I finally got back on an insurance plan. Until my PCP went off it and I was assigned a free clinic as my PCP. I am not rich nor do I have unlimited funds but I (well, my partner mostly) make way too much to even qualify for their services. I am not "too good" or any of that classist BS for a free clinic (hell, most of my jobs have been at community/low income clinics), but those services should be available for everyone who needs it. I've tried to have my PCP switched to somewhere else, but no luck so far.

Today I was told I needed to be rejected by the clinic and then a PCP switch would happen. Called the clinic. I have to call back in September to get an appointment. I have the option of "stand by" so I would need to show up at 7:30 every morning and if someone canceled I would be seen. Except the pesky job thing I do everyday. I have the luxury of making my own schedule so it is easy to take an afternoon off for appointments or errands but I cannot take entire days off to sit in a waiting room.

My mother is an MD and when I reached was 15 she made it clear that I couldn't come running to her with every medical problem. The boundary is necessary.

Buuut (I guess this is gross TMI but whatever) I have a mole on my stomach I've had from birth. Every goddamn doctor I have ever seen has said "you should get that checked out when you are an adult." 18- not adult enough. 21- not adult enough. 25 (the last time I had a PCP)- still not adult enough. Here I am at 30 with a "PCP" that I cannot see and what do you know?! The mole is growing an sprouting hairs. I need this shit biopsied and tested stat. I let my mom know what's going on (especially since she is aware of the mole- you can see it in photos of my mom holding me right after I was born) and asked her to make a referral for me. Luckily we live in the same state now (albeit far away from each other) but she has the hassle of trying to find a derm on my plan. Bless her for helping me out with this mess.

Sorry for this. End rant.