Word to big bird, bitches. I'm back on midnites and I need to get my BALK on. Here's my issue this month: I was talking to one of my down home bitches the other day, specifically regarding the issue of putting shit on FB/Twitter/Instagram/eEGOstroke/etc. and she was all pissy that her friends weren't "liking" her shit.

Now...this woman (IMHO) posts an inordinate amount of selfies (she's a hottie) and I'm like, "People are sick of your stupid, hot, face."

She gets all indignant, talking about how, she likes her stuff...and she like her stuff ...she doesn't understand why they can't like her pictures back. She goes on (every gahd-damm time) to argue that, this person puts on waaaay more selfies than her...it can't be the selfies turning people off...how, she thinks they're just jealous...of something other than her...stupid...hot...face...

So, help me out...if you can lower yourselves to my miserable level: Is it the selfies? Could it be something else?

Further: Why do we (do we? Actually?) get jealous of our friends posting all the fun/hotness of their lives...if that's the fuckin' point of social media!?