I feel so lonely having not been on the internet in a while. My weekend was overtaken by The Move From Hell Part VIII: Haven't You Realized Every Single Move is A Move From Hell. I know it was naive, but I really thought this move would be easier since I was living in an 180 sq.ft. "aPodment," and I really didn't have that much stuff to pack. But oh no, the wrathful gods of migration made sure to screw with me somehow.

First, here's a picture of all my worldly possessions taking up a corner of my mother's living room temporarily:

So yes, I started packing in earnest sometime around Thursday, thinking everything was going smoothly, and it was for the most part until yesterday when, as I was just about done loading my stuff into my car, I lifted a plastic bag filled with cleaning supplies, set it on my bed, realized it was leaking, realized it was bleach, and looked in horror at the resulting atrocity:

I had done my best to ensure the mattress, which belonged to the apartment complex, stayed looking perfect since if anything should require it to be exchanged I would lose my deposit. Needless to say, it had to be exchanged.


However, it's like Mom always said: if life gives you stains, make something that sustains! Ok, she never said that. And that really isn't even that great of an attempt at the lemonade aphorism, but I don't care! I was very upset and looking for someway to feel better about life in general and my loss of $150 specifically so I did what any Millennial in my situation would do: I took out my phone and snapped a selfie (coyly drawing attention away from the bleach stain with my sweat-streaked hair under brocap, but making sure said stain was in it for the perceptive eye:

Now I wait here at my parents' house for two weeks until I repack up my shit, fly cross country, and head over into my apartment properly. The plan is to unload as much as I can at Goodwill and on Craigslist, so that the move in will be as painless as possible. We'll see how that goes...