I mean, traveling throughout the world sounds like an adventure but wouldn't you dream of setting your foot down on some ground on another world. Just thinking of it makes me exhilarated. A handful of men in the history of the world has experienced this sensation. These are wonderful space travel posters of distant planets and imagined vistas.

Don't you dream of flying across the plains of Venus in a Dirigible?

Or float above the earth in the Space Station?

Or travel on the Red Plains of Mars?


Or explore the deep seas of Neptune?

But let's try to be realistic. Where could we go in our Solar System? Perhaps, Io?


Maybe there are other places in the solar system? These are the top places that could possibly support life in the future (or the past).


Who knows? But we've dreamed of traveling through the stars for centuries. And one of our earliest cinematic pieces was a fantastical voyage to the moon.

And we have seen it take on operatic dimensions.

And let's be honest, one person truly fulfilled the promise of Space. Thank you, Mel Brooks.

All these worlds are yours, except Europa