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Getting the best of you.
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I am engaged. Please help.

Hello Backtalk! So I got engaged about 2 weeks ago. And everything is great! Except for the part where we have to pay for getting married. I don’t want to doxx myself completely so I’ll be general. Here’s what we want to do:

-courthouse ceremony


Seems easy, right? Except for that my family is enormous and her family is small. Also most of my family is coming from out of state. Oh, and our budget is small but our guest list is big (around 250). We’ve found a place that lets us rent for cheap and were thinking about doing a split reception: one day family/family friends and another day for friends because we think this might save us money.


The venue is small (can fit about 120-150) but very pretty and lets us bring in our own caterers and alcohol, both things I was hoping would help us bring down the price tag. However, even mention that it’s catering for a wedding and you get hit with fees on fees and a huge bump in pricing.

My question to you is this: would going around getting food piecemeal from different places (like entrees from one place, sides from another, appetizers from another) be more cost-effective or should we just try and find one caterer and talk down the price?

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