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A Rant about Downers Grove

So there’s this movie I’ve known is coming out for a while (due to the nature of my job which will remain unknown) called The Curse of Downers Grove, which is apparantly a Bret Easton Ellis book made into a film about some seniors dying in Downers Grove or whatever. I grew up in the very small next town over I just want to say this trailer is not at all representative of Downers Grove.

First of all it was often referred to as Downer’s Grove. Downer doesn’t own the grove. Downer doesn’t exist. It’s Downers Grove. There are many downers about it.


Second, look at this water tower:

Note I have circled the problems with this shit. Downers Grove is in Illinois. Those are clearly mountains. There are no mountains in Illi-fucking-nois. Fucking Hollywood can’t even CGI in a prairie state background?? Egregious!

Here is what the actual Downers Grove water towers look like:


Not quite as sinister as the movie would like you to think it is.

Also, they refer to the school as Downers Grove High School. Is it Downers North or South??? There’s a difference people!


This movie will probably have other problems but if you must pick a reason not to see it, make it the inaccuracies of obscure Chicago suburbs.

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