If we really do want to open a fake fake abortion clinic we'll need to raise money. I believe that happens on these here tubes in the forms of crowd sourcing accounts and fake websites and the like. This would be fun, but people could trace the money back to us. That would make siphoning off conservative money harder. Right? The goal is to open a fake fake abortion clinic to harm anti-choicers in two ways: Show their method of fund raising is untrustworthy (and thereby decrease their funds raised by depressing donor activity), and two: maybe have a real fake fake abortion clinic to get publicity and/or help actual people in a town somewhere. This can all be done. We can stab anti-choicers right in the ham.

Fortunately I know of a man whose hands are covered in the ham juice of wisdom. We need to make us some super pacs. The forms exist on the web —usually in gun-nut and anti-choice web circles. Ideally we'd need the help of a lawyer to make sure they are filled out and filed correctly. Then we create one pac that can openly raise money for our fake fake abortion clinic. This raises money on places like Kinja and twitter and is open about our goals.


That clinic can donate money to a super pac that keeps its donors secret. Secretly our pac can then donate money to the fake fake abortion clinic —which will have its own fund raising pac. The fake fake clinic's pac raises money from anti-choices, but it would probably be primed with money from the pac that openly raises money for a fake fake abortion clinic, and then launders it through the middleman pac.

This means that the fake fake clinic could get funds from two main sources: those that know this is all a sham to harm anti-choicers, and the anti choicers caught in that sham. We'd be able to raise money as the clinic (which would mean real fake abortion clinics don't get those dollars), and we'd be able to raise money —openly, as ourselves— to keep the fake fake clinic's operations to raise dollars running (hopefully, mainly at the start).


After the money thing is taken care of, we'd just need folk to go and spam (though, not obviously spam) for the fake fake clinic. Probably a little administrative help here and there. Each pac would need a person to run them —and they could, like, totally never ever coordinate. For realsies. I think that would get it done, but I haven't had coffee and I normally only get to think about this between terrible calls. I hope this is clear. I am sure I am missing something. Let me know.