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How to Emoji your keyboard ☺☺☺☺♨☕♱♰⚔⚑℃⚛

See what ☺ did there? All I had to do to use these was press down right Alt key and push 'z' for ☺ or 'l' for ⚒⚓. Simply put I'm going to show you how to assign emoji to your WINDOWS keyboard to ensure you can tap out any emoji or any character at the push of 2 or 3 buttons.

1. Download…

2.Install and follow this guide to get a hang.

3. Now you want some cool emojis or other shit to keep you warm, yes?

  1. Starter
  2. Currency
  3. Greek symbols like βσδτεφωϰ
  4. Emoticons like ☺

4. Change encoding to UTF-8 by:

  • Chrome:

Go to tools:


Encoding and click :

This isn't default so do it as quick as you can.

  • Firefox:

Its the default generally speaking.

  • c. Internet Explorer:

Download firefox or Chrome.

5.Now you might want to add fonts cause not every character is going to show up with out the right ones.Easy-peasy:

My preferences:


Download the fonts and open the archive. Double click on the .ttp file there. Choose install.

  • c. Change the chrome browser settings here. Goto under 'Advanced settings' the 'Web content' part and click on 'Customize fonts...' option. Choose the fonts you installed.


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