Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

I just got this email from someone who hasn't quite gotten the approach right.

From: Random PR Person

Subject: Error in Press Release


I'm writing about a press release my company sent out about 3 weeks ago. It turns out there's an error in that release and we wanted to see if you had published anything online or in print about it. We will be sending out a revised release in the next day or so, but I wanted to check and see if anything had been done with the original.


Can you see the problem here?

On an average day, I get roughly 80 bajilion press releases, which means over the one-work-week window that seems appropriate here, I got about 500 bajillion releases. Some of these we do use.


But how am I to determine which one it was? Just to see, I searched my deleted mail folder for her name, and her company name, both of which returned zero hits, which means the release was likely sent out under her client's name.Without knowing the client or even the subject, I have no way of determining whether we published some erroneous information.

All of which means I must now write her back and do her job for her. Oh joy.

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