Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.
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Home Improvement: Painting Edition!

I am FINALLY getting around to painting my room. Or at LEAST taping it off. I have NO skill in this, despite my stepfather being retired from the painters' union. My bed is now awkwardly shoved to one side of my room so I can tape and paint my slanted ceiling. I am currently procrastinating because I have to stand on a chair to get to the ceiling and I don't even like STANDING ON A CHAIR- It's high and doesn't feel sturdy and what if I FALL!?

SO I REQUEST OF THEE, BACKTALK!!! Words of encouragement! Suggestions! Songs to jam to! (though currently I am watching/listening to a documentary called Nazi Temple of Doom, so I'm weird). ALSO! Post pics of your home improvement projects. Walls you painted, bookshelves you've refurbished, anything, I wanna see it.


Haven't done anything? Show me pictures (or talk about) your favorite room in your home, or your favorite decor styles.

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