Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.
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Highbrow/Lowbrow pleasures

What are some things that you like that may be considered highbrow (that you consider highbrow)? How about some things that you consider lowbrow?

Upon thinking about it, I did a little googling, and found reference to an olde Jez article, which is silly, just like the whole topic is.


So, looks like my tastes are pretty 'middlebrow'. Meh. I guess, if I'm self-defining, I think my interest in art theory, love of foreign films and art house flicks, my preference for light, crisp sparkling wines, and my taste in some design elements would be considered highbrow. My love for NPR is apparently middlebrow :p and my penchant for bad reality shows, love of hawaiian pizza and fake cheese-product, and appreciation of select gross-out humor would be lowbrow.

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