Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.
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It happened. Here's what happened during it:

It began with Cheerful's delicious Good Morning!

Then Chrono rightfully brought our attention to John Oliver's salmon canon.

A very Thanksgiving themed Zhandi shared a little Towanda with us.

Poodles gave us a happy update!

Teapot asked about our Sci-Fi/Fantasy gateway novels.

Ebola shared a whole bunch of cool stuff.

GardenMarvel got serious about Alien.

Snacks reminisced about her Internet life and the strange things that have occurred.


Intherain rightly wanted to be the First Lady of Infinity.

Kristinbytes introduced us to the wonders of Liberteria.

GameCat educated us on songs everyone should know.

LisaElizabethPeppermintMocha, soon to be a name of an all-girl riot band, had a case of the spins.


Then Snacks tucked us all into bed and asked us what we did today.

Ah but sleep was not had by all for Teapot shared with us a Flerbification.

And then, of course, the Midnight movie brought to you by Pie 'oh' Pah!

And Jorah finished the night by putting Interstellar's critics to bed.

And that is it!


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