The store never reported it.

And it may not have happened at all.


Just when you think the Ferguson P.D. can't get any shittier, they go the extra mile. Meanwhile, still waiting for the report from the actual incident, or a medical report that confirms Wilson's reported orbital floor fracture, an injury you can easily get from, say, ramming your face into the side of your own car while you're reaching around trying to grab someone outside it β€” if you get it at all.

UPDATE: I was just pointed, by a story in Cracked, to a story that reports that Dorian Johnson confirmed the cigars were stolen. So the Crooks and Liars post above is in error, and to the extent I shared it, so am I. The Cracked post (which is actually excellent, I recommend it) also makes the very good point that ultimately, whether or not they were stolen is totally irrelevant to what happened later in the street. I feel stupid for falling into that trap, but I did, so the best thing I can do is to acknowledge it.

I think the only thing that really matters is how shitty it was for the Ferguson P.D. to release that story when they did, and what it says about their attitude.