Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

Hello, folks! I am stuck home today with a nasty cold, so I thought I could at least make some political calls while I’m home. WRONG. I called EVERY SINGLE LOCAL NUMBER of Steve King’s office and received the same message: “The voice mailbox you called is full and is not taking any more messages.” I got through to the national line, but this is bullshit.

Can somebody tweet about this? I have a twitter account, but it’s used mostly as a Kinja backup (I think I have 8 followers). King has introduced a national bill called HR 610, which would further cripple public education. The public needs to know that he is not leaving himself open to constituents’ concerns.

Illustration for article titled Help me, Twitterverse! Youre my only hope!

Thank you, Balkers! Nevertheless, we will persist.

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