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In short order, my brothers and I are going to need gifts for Father’s Day, my dad’s birthday, and my parents’ anniversary (summer is so expensive). They are hard to shop for, and my brothers contribute money but not ideas. I’m ALWAYS scratching my head for gifts!

1. I usually end up getting gift cards or tickets to a show. There’s not a lot happening in our area right now though.

2. My dad isn’t supposed to drink (medical issue) so any alcohol-related gifts are out. He likes his motorcycle, birds, and the Cubs. However, he already has way too much Cubs-related stuff. WAY TOO MUCH.


3. My dad is also probably getting early onset dementia. I thought about getting him one of those bluetooth tracker chips, but it would be “too complicated” for him and the battery dies after a year and is pricey to replace. Something memory-related might be appreciated though.

Any gift ideas for parents in their 60s that would be unique and thoughtful? I appreciate any ideas!

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