Tomorrow we will officially be two weeks old (how should we celebrate??) and we've been thrilled at how well the community is taking off. We're very pleased to have so much interest and participation.

You've probably noticed a few things, like our Theme of the Week and our interest in features. For the most part we are happy to have people post whatever content they want. We're a general interest board so a wide variety of content is the life-blood of a board like this. If you are game to participate in creating posts coordinating with the weekly theme, please, by all means do so. The theme changes every Monday, so if one of them speaks to you, go for it!

As for regular features, again, you don't have to feel obligated to do these, but we'd love for anyone who wants to try their hand at a daily, weekly or monthly feature, or even a mini-series of sorts, to feel free to use this space to do it. Right now we've got some cool stuff such as the Midnight Movies Monday through Thursday, MASH, the Sunday Poem Shitshow and also other things I am totally spacing on. (Also, everyone please convince BadFleffers to run with her idea of showing us the greener side of the Gilmore Girls recaps!)

Additionally, as our content has been rolling off the page at a faster clip (Yay, you guys are writing stuff for us!), we think we're going to implement some sort of recap or round-up. These will serve a couple of purposes—making sure our own members don't miss anything cool and allowing us to share one link as a whole to other spots many of us frequent, like Groupthink, so as to keep our board from spamming theirs with several shares throughout the day.

We definitely want to encourage original content here, as opposed to just sharing your work over from another forum. But, of course, all the forums feel the same way, so just try to be respectfully aware of the issue and know that the digest highlighting posts will get shared. There are lots of ways to promote your pieces, tweeting out your links is a great one. We try to keep the Backtalk Twitter active on and off throughout the day. If you have something you'd really like us to focus on through it, please let us know.


Again, welcome everyone! We love having you all here! If you want to chit chat or brainstorm some cool ideas, please hit the comments and confabulate.