Photo: Kevin’s first pic

Two years ago today, I adopted my little Kevin. He’s grown so much. They told me he was a year old but he’s grown in length by a third so he probably was more like six or seven months. Ah, that first day. I saw him at the shelter and he got right out of his little hammock and demanded to sniff me. Then he demanded me to play with him, looking put out when I went to another cage. My mom told me, “That’s your cat.”

Photo: Another early photo—I was still moving in.

He kept climbing in the bathtub and he urinated on my carpet because he was confused about the litter box (only once though). I remember he ran around my apartment, searching closely for potential predators before hiding somewhere and sleeping. I was worried about him until he came out into the living room and pounced on a toy in his own particularly spectacular way. Ah, Kevin, what a cat.

Photo: The gentleman cat today.


Happy Caturday!