Getting the best of you.

Happy Birthday, Chrono!

Hahahahaha, bet you thought I forgot.

Anyway, I got you some pics:


See, I have to give you these instead of a REAL present because I haven't learned how to invent a teleportation machine yet. I'm trying to figure it out but between you and I I'm not even 100% sure what an Allen Key does sooooooooooooooo.


You are the best and I'm happy we're friends. ^.^ I hope you have a fantastic day. Don't do any work. Just play video games and eat ALL the cake in the world. And lasagna with garlic bread, in whatever order you want because today is Chrono Day.

I was going to write more but I don't want to embarrass you too much, hahaha! I don't go this long saying nice stuff without teasing and today I'll go easy on you.



P.S. I'll be asleep when this goes up, but I'll be around to bug everyone later.

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