I love most Thanksgiving food, but there is some nasty shit out there that family members always try to force on you. Was there anything that appeared at the table that you absolutely hated?

For me, the top pick would be mincemeat pie. Various people in my family would always try to get me to eat meat (hey losers- I DON'T LIKE IT AND I CAN TASTE MEAT) and for several years my aunt would give me a piece of her mincemeat pie. Ain't happening auntie.

Along with a traditional stuffing my mom would try to get creative and try out new stuffing recipes with weird shit like wild rice or artichokes or olives. Hurk. One year she failed to tell me there were chopped up turkey giblets in her stuffing so that mouthful came out really fast.

Then there was the other side of my family I rarely saw and whenever there was a holiday potluck thing someone would bring a jello meat monstrosity thing. And this was the mid-to late 90s, not the 1950s.