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GOP Halloween – Houston AND Washington: We Have A Problem, And I’m Not Sure Enough People Are Paying Attention

There was so much news today I couldn’t figure out what to write about – and then after writing the same comment on three different sites I figured out it was at bottom the same thing it always is: REAL NEWS v. Propaganda, and who’s driving it

So I’m sure there was a discussion around here somewhere about Deadspin’s immolation (Diana Moskowitz resigned, and Barry Pechetsky was fired).


The thing is – as all of us here also know, Splinter was gutted not long before that.

But that’s not all of it either.

Just prior to that, Think Progress was destroyed.

While THAT was happening, Sirius XM – whose CEO is a Trump supporter – let three of its most progressive contributors go.


Meanwhile – Facebook is promoting Breitbart and other RWNJ literal propaganda units and still having the nerve to call it news. (Judd Legum is investigating.)



I’m not a billionaire, so I don’t have a plan to buy up all the properties, let the unionized writers work for me, and fix all this.


All I can do is get some of the smartest people I know to pay attention and tell as many thousands of their closest friends as they can, so we can figure out a solution together.

And follow this guy – because he understands not just the propaganda problem, but that it’s happening on both sides of the Atlantic (remember all that BREXIT and TRUMPXIT and the same set of Russian billionaires behind both I’ve been yelling about? I’m not the only one yelling about it anymore).


This is his bio

Rightwing billionaires have figured out how to get votes through propaganda in media. This is the problem of our time. On both sides of the Atlantic.


He gets it.


More from today

Rachel on her book Blowout and the Russians and their oil quicksand they’re trying to sink the world in, and how that’s relevant to the impeachment of 46-1

The Obama Foundation Summit was today, and nobody told me ahead of time – but Ava Duvernay spoke, and so did Delores Huerta, and the ForeverFLOTUS (who will also be at NJPAC on November 3, for anybody who’s NYC Metro local)


Anand Ghiridharadas on the Two Americas: A Nation Brought to You By Billionaires


And finally – earlier today (and not that much earlier, either) to end on that hopeful note:




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