Hey guys! I am volunteering at a music festival this weekend, and I am stoked :D
I'm skippin' out of work early to make it in time for my first shift at the CD Tent. Which means I stand there and fold shirts because the music shop that runs it doesn't trust the serfs to handle mula.
But it also means I get to stand by the autograph table and I got to meet Steve Earle last year, so that was sweet! Hopefully this year I get to meet even cooler people. I mean, Steve Earle is Steve Earle but he's at the point now that he signs autographs like an assembly line and I vaguely remember him having the air of an old man who has gone through so many divorces that he's not exactly lady friendly.

Bands I am excited for :D


Andrew Bird:


Born Rufians:

And I swear its not all white boys playing!
These ladies are phenomenal:

And there is going to be a special showcase on Afrobeat that I am super excited to see!
I had to add this one:

What are your exciting plans for the next few weeks? Any trips planned? Camping? Stay-Cations?